Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Snohomish Pinks

The reports that we are getting from anglers fishing the Snohomish have been extremely good. Most everyone that has an idea of what is going on is catching good numbers of fish. We have had reports from the lower tidal portion of the river in the Langus / Rotary Park areas upward of the town of Snohomish (Hwy 9 Bridge) and the boat fishermen have been doing well. The bank anglers in this area are likewise doing well, that is if they can find an area to access the river that is free of brush and blackberries. Finding good bank access in this section of river is a little bit of a chore and in the few spots that have access you have get there early to stake out your spot. A few enterprising individuals take pruning shears with them and cut their way through the bushes and blackberries to claim a spot of their own. The Bob Herriman Wildlife Park area has been putting out good numbers of fish for the bank fisherman. In the lower river 2 & 21/2 inch Buzz Bombs and Wannabees have been overall the lure of choice. In the upper portion of the river pink lead head jigs with pink, pink & white or white tails of marabou or lead heads with squid bodies of the same color combinations. To enhance your productivity you can use a small piece of sand shrimp or coon stripe shrimp for additional smell and attraction. The jigs can be fished under a float or simply twitched.