Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Whidbey Island Steelhead

There have been a number of steelhead being caught from the western beaches of Whidbey Island recently. I wouldn't say that the fishing has been hot by any means but at least there are a few being caught. One of the regular beach fishermen was in this AM and mentioned that he had hooked five and landed three in three trips. Not Bad! A fish per trip average. Though there has been some better steelhead fishing in a few places so far this season, overall this fishery has produced better than average. This is a very unique fishery and the setting is nothing but outstanding as far as the view. There are few places that are as picturesque as the Island on a clear winter afternoon with the sun setting over the Olympics.

If you are interested, stop by and we'll fill you in on the details and show you how to rig up.