Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pogue 4" Candlefish Salmon Plugs

We have the "Pogue" 4" Candlefish Salmon Plugs in stock in eight colors. This plug produced the winning fish in the recent Roche Harbor Derby. These are a hand built plugs of very limited production. Here's a little rundown on the color selection.

Pearl White /White Scale PW/WTS - P10/15
Pearl White/Chartreuse Back PW/CHARB - P10/20
Pearl White/Silver Back PW/SILB - P10/30
Pearl White/Black Scale PW/BKS - P10/40
Pearl White/Mother of Pearl PW/MP - P10/45
Pearl White/Green Scale PW/GNS - P10/55
Pearl White/Blue Scale PW/BLS - P10/60
Pearl White/Olive Back PWOLB - P10/65

Price: $12.49ea

We'll be glad to ship them to you! Give us a call (425) 743-9505